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Tuesday, 13-Jun-2006 14:38 Email | Share | | Bookmark
Summer Vacation and all....

Leaving Newcastle Airport
My Nephews
Fish...FISH !!!
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Saturday, 22-Apr-2006 09:42 Email | Share | | Bookmark
Easter Holiday--Belgium, Netherlands, Holland

Arrived at Dover, awaiting for deportation
Air France for Commercial Jets, SeaFrance for Ferries ?
The Ferry that shipped us to Calais
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Well well..... In the future I will use this page to update everyone as this fotopage gives me the flexibility to comment and also the speed to upload my pictures.

Alright, as for my Easter holiday I went down to Holland and Belgium for a 5 day break-away from the British soil. However, traveling away from Newcastle takes a massive 12 hours to reach Dover ( South-East of Britain). From there, I took the Seafrance ferry to ship me across the English Channel to Calais--France. After that, another 1:30hours of journey to Oostend, Belgium. A little city with nice beaches and also lots of seafood. Or alternatively, you can visit this site :

2nd day, was a visit to the Dutch/Belgium border town--Sluis. It's something like a Malacca with lots of shops and Brasserie (cafe). Also, you get a chance to visit a typical working windmill, cheese markets (Oh really STINKS !!) and also the local cobbler shops which they make their shoes called Clog. Oh yeah, not forgetting some "uh-uh" shops around too !!

The 3rd day was a long journey to Keukenhof Bulbfields at Lissie in Holland. Over there, they feature their beautifully landscaped gardens and many varieties of flowers on display. Also, it's a place for flower lovers and also for camera man like me to show off the "Macro-mode" effect.

4th Day, not much of an exciting day due to another long 4 hours journey to this place called Valkenburg. The showcase over here is the ruined castle ( yes, you got it right !! Memang ruined and being ruined again ). From the locals, it's said that the owner of the Castle doesn't want it to be handed over to the French on a some-sort-of war at some centuries ago. Instead of giving the keys to the French, he self-destructed it and save a few pieces of walls for his future generations to earn a good sum of 3 Euros ( = RM 15) from visitors and to allow people like me me to take some pictures in there

Day 5, was the last day of my tour. Before we head back to Calais, we went to a nearby town, Bruges to kill some time. Bruges, also known as the 'Little Venice of the North'. Here, we were surrounded by the city's canals, streets, churches,almshouses and many beautiful buildings, meuseum and art galleries. To cover more miles, Doris and I opted to rent a scooter to explore around. Here, drivers keep on to the right side of the road ( Meaning, opposite direction of Malaysia). I find it quite confusing at times where i need to take a turn at junctions or when I need to enter into another street. Also, there are too many junctions and bridges at this little town which could easily make you lost your way .

At's time to say goodbye. We left the town and head back to Calais to be in time for the deportation at 3:15pm. It was fun at Bruges, just hope we had more time. I guess a day is not even enough to fully explore this little Venice.

4:30pm ( GMT: 0 ). Land-ho at Dover and headed back to Newcastle. It was a long and tiring journey with massive traffic congestion along the way to London.....We safely arrived back at Newcastle Central Station at 2:30am (22/04/06).


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